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We have an exciting opportunity for you to be featured with us at Influential Doctor’s Magazine (IDM), an incredible marketing vehicle that will propel you to the next level of success and beyond. The magazine is our latest brainchild following our very successful Influential People and International Fitness and Fashion Magazine. Influential Doctor’s Magazine is now part of a successful franchise and the one we are most proud of!

Who are the most Influential Doctors?

They are among the most knowledgeable influencers that inspire others with little-known facts, insights, and make an enduring impact on people’s lives around the world. Readers of IDM are health (mind, body and spirit) and we offer the opportunity for articles and sponsors to connect with people that are currently congruent with or striving to live a holistic lifestyle


This type of exposure will put you and or your company head and shoulders above competitors who do not have a professional marketing team with the word-wide readership. Being labeled as one of the world’s top influential doctors brings with it monumental clout, awareness, and income! IDM has a worldwide audience in both digital and print media.

  • People want to be able to read content wherever and whenever they want and often associate the content with specific activities they’re doing.
  • Magazine are able to engage the reader in ways that traditional mediums can't.
  • The magazine are available in digital, print, and online subscriptions and are carefully curated and selected by topic. There’s no flipping here.
  • Magazine readers are early adopters with high education and income brackets..
  • Personal endorsements by personalities with huge influence over the audience.
93% use social media

Magazine Readers consume 4 hours and 10 minutes of content per week

71% are reading on their mobile phones

88% of readers say they read to every issues.

36% of readers have purchased something they've read about in a Ad

45% of readers have visted a sponsors' website when they read the article

67% find sponsored messages helpful
47% follow brands they like on social media