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Linda Duong

Congratulations to you both, @InfluencerHeideDangelo and Dr David Friedman!
It was such a great read! I don’t normally get the time to read every friend’s article and this is such a great one! It is so inspiring as Dr David Friedman shared his journey right from the beginning to how he had the opportunity to serve the film crew and the celebrities in a situation where no one could, dare to or often “too shy” to take action and yet there, once again, that occurrence would been considered an incident and yet the optimistic legend once again turned it into a positive experience, this time not just for himself but for all! This is when I say self-leadership at its best!
Lead yourself well and you will lead your family, your business, your staff, your community, your causes and nation well! Lead with love and compassion. Lead from the inside out! Lead with L❤️VE and care! Congratulations once again to you both on the great project, Heide Har and my amazing, most respected friend, Dr David Friedman!
With warmest greetings from Sydney, Australia,Best Selling AuthorOf Connection - The Currency to Happiness; Access Your Happiness Right Here, Right Now! 👍👏👏👏👍."

Julie Valdez

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Julie Cooper

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Mike Thompson

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